Jeg har mødt en ny soulmate

Kæreste familie og venner.

Som I alle ved, siger jeg altid "intet er tilfældigt".....og jeg kan kun trække på smilebåndet hver gang....en episode skete for et par måneder siden, jeg var i et wellness center i Boca Raton, og nød poolen, pludseligt hørte jeg "nogen" tale dansk.....det er bestemt ikke hver dag.....og her møder jeg en lille dansk familie, som lige er flyttet til Boca Raton.....mit første møde med Christina i poolen under palmerne, connection med det samme, min lille jord-engel-søster.
Vi var på bølgelængde med det samme, og jeg føler jeg har kendt Christina i hele mit liv. Christina viser sig at være den kendte danske tv-host, Christina Hedegaard, og jeg har fået tilladelse til at dele dette smukke menneske med jer,
Christina har hjertet på det rigtige sted, som gør alt i sin power for at gøre en forskel i verden.
I kan læse om Christina på www.christinahedegaard.com samt facebook, søg under Christina Hedegaard Jørgensen.

Christina var så venlig at skrive et lille udkast til mig, som jeg må dele med jer:

" Genforening med sin sande energi" er for mig et fænomen der "skete af sig selv" for nogle år siden. Så at møde Jette, der arbejder med energier, var det mest naturlige jeg kunne forestille mig. For brændstoffet til min sjæl er energi.

Og det var meget interssant at opleve en session med Jette, der med sin blide stemme førte mig gennem smuk natur mere glødende, klystalklar og vidunderlig, der for hver skridt jeg tog i mit indre, var en beskræftelse af at min vej er rigtig.

Jeg kan stadig mærke englevinger blidt røre min krop. Næsten ikke mærkbart og så alligevel så tydeligt. Som et spædbarns åndedrag. Og det er præcis det Jette yderligere lukkede op for mig; accepten af at der stadig er masser af sider af mig selv der kræver opmærksomhed som spædbarn. Jeg skal ikke kunne det hele på 1 gang, ting skal have tid til at gro sig stærk for derefter at klare sig selv.

Vær klar til en bekræftelse af dig selv, eller en rejse i dit indre, der vil få smilet og tårerne frem men som vil, hvis du tillader det, rense vejen fra den reneste energi tilpasset dig, fordi det allerede var din fra det øjeblik du blev undfanget, direkte fra unviverset.

Og så elsker jeg ved Jette at hun kan sidde og tale om engle og Jesus, samtidlig med at hun tager en grøn knasende asparges mellem tænderne, tager en stor bid og siger:"er det ikke cool"?:-)
Med et kæmpe smil på læben.

Kærlig hilsen
Christina Hedegaard


Meeting Jette was one of the best days of my life. She has helped me to have the courage without the pain; to make enormous changes to the future our future - Dan and I.
In our 1st visit she completely removed/gone all the pain. It is a congenital deformity and seems impossible to be gone - scoliosis no longer rules my days. I feel a few twinges in my back but am working to strengthen these unused muscles.
It has enabled me to detox from hydromorphone - as serious narcotic - when they made this synthetic from real morphine - allowing it to get to all body receptors faster and last longer;it was made 8X stronger than Morphine and 3Xstronger than heroin. So you can see that being able to detox(after 10yrs of drugs) is an incredible feat for me. No words can express how the pain is gone! - I can bend and carry and just be normal. And the strength it took thru the darkest hours(they were terrible) - I could not have held on my own and thank Jette for her long distance help - in my mind I felt you reach out and it saw me thru.
Jette also removed the blinding headaches I have been suffering. The fog of drugs and pain gone; she has given me back clarity - I am no longer trying to be tested for Alzheimer.The difference is palatable....I.e.: I no longer was able to write at 1st try a 5 number sequence- I could only do 3 and then look again. After I saw jetted;I had to write down 7/6 digit numbers and not only were they correct but they were only said once!

>>>>That /above are the physical changes that you made - now I will try to explain what else you have given me....
Inner fear and negativity - always worried what would go wrong - that is in my past- it ran my life,created depression; it coloured everything we did.I was a virtual recluse and seldom talked to or saw friends. Jette in one fell swoop lifted the fear and anger and left me calm and not afraid. I thought our life and the order it had taken impossible to escape. In a moment of clarity that Jette gave me I saw our past and our future and that's all I needed to turn this corner.
Suddenly with clarity I saw the path of our life had led me to this place to this point: for all the help I am getting at Maxim and thank god that Dr.Brian got me to Jette !

>>>Hope this is okay - I must tell you a week ago - even writing this would have been impossible without giving me a month - now....even my typing speed is back up to par!!
With much love and if you ever need anything that we could help with - I will always be there for you...besides you probably want to come visit in the Bahamas - it is a 3 hour trip on our Seaweed.




I'm very happy. I don't have any other way to put it. My life has become simple and enjoyable again!! All the thoughts that weren't necessary and causing me stress have vanished!! Falko told me I was different but neither of us could put our finger on anything in particular... then it came today!!! I just said out of no where "My mind is quiet." No more worrying!! I used to make lists of stuff to do with my day just to fill it up and feel productive but it got me no where. I'd have looming "responsibilities" every night while i was trying to go to sleep of what to do next. My mind and body were restless! It's all gone now thanks to you!! I haven't cried or gotten upset, I've stood up for myself and talked where in the past I used to be silent. The day you treated me I felt like goo. Very relaxed and in a haze, felt like I was sedated.(My assistant manager actually hinted that she thought I was high and claimed to smell smoke or incense on me) All the days that followed were just food sleep food sleep food sleep hahaha :) It was a great vacation filled with lots of peacefulness. I did have some achy pain the second day. One was that spot on the right half of my body in the lower abdomen, and the other was on my left side under my collar bone outwards towards my shoulder. I'm sure you hear this all the time but I must say you are amazing!! I've always believed that miracles happen and that there were healers out there that God worked through but never in my life did I ever believe I'd be graced by the presence of one let alone be healed!! I have a new lease on life! All this beautiful empty space that's just waiting to be filled up with whatever my heart desires!! You cleared up the fog in my head, repaired my heart, and touched my soul. I have you and this amazing universe to thank for the rest of my life!!! I have no worries and a happy carefree face!! Thank you so much Jette!! I will keep you informed of everything I notice as my transformation evolves!!!

All my love,
Sarah <3

Falko and I went on a walk yesterday and encountered a dragonfly that was very smart!! Falko would get his finger about 1/4 of and inch away from it and move his finger up and down or side to side and the dragonfly would mimic him with his head up and down or side to side!! Then he landed on my hand stayed for a minute and then suddenly flew away!! We both concluded he liked our new found energy!!!

Hi Jette!

I've purposefully delayed emailed you because I've been so intrigued by this newfound freedom and energy and I wanted to watch it to see where it goes before forming it into words. I think it has found a great home inside of my physical body and mental self and settled in very comfortably.

Whenever I make progress, or get to a higher level of being, it's always accompanied by an underlying fear of regressing back to a previous state or losing it altogether. Not this time. I'm confident that the changes you brought about are permanent - spiritual surgery is the best way to describe it because the attachments and negative energy hasn't been changed, it's been completely cut off of my being. I've spent many years praying in my heart silently for someone like you to show me this is possible and that I would find it in this lifetime inspires me deeply.

As for my experience, for a testimonial I will recount it briefly here. Your presence and the sanctuary you created in the room instantly put me at ease. There was no room for apprehension or doubt from my side, and only humility and compassion coming from you. Lying on the table during the experience, I felt that you brought me into it slowly by gradually tuning my body to the correct frequency and opening its passageways for spirit to pass through freely. That part was relaxing and comforting, bringing me deeper and deeper into a state of peace. When you began to pull the demons and attachments from me, I felt an immediate release like a weight was sucked from my shoulder and replaced by the breath of the universe. All the gates of my body were opened and prepared to let go.
Finally, at the end, you went over my heart and I felt a great sorrow that had been entrenched so deeply that it remained hidden in my day-to-day life. It was painful at first, but I wanted so badly to let it go that it was joyful to feel it being ripped out of me.

Then you left the room and the most profound thing happened. I felt so light that I was taken out of the room and on a mountain. I looked over a barren landscape and made it lavishly green with plants and forests with a single thought. I became a falcon so that I could take to the air more easily and flew around over the land just because I loved flying. After going back to my nest, I ended this life as a bird and descended from the mountain to be a human being. In an encampment I met all the faces of those I've loved deeply and kissed them all, one by one. During this time I heard a voice tell me "If your actions are guided by your heart, then there is no room left for doubt or fear". I knew this already rationally as words with meanings, but now the meaning and emotion came first and the words just to describe them. By this time I had left the room and my former existence so far that when Jette entered the room again it was like waking up and having no idea where you are. It took a few seconds to make the transition, not like waking up from sleep or a dream but like being reborn with no idea of who you are. It didn't take me too long to piece it all together again, only a few seconds, but those few seconds really left a lasting impression on me.

It reminded me of how I had used psychedelic drugs in my teens to bring about altered states of consciousness. The feelings of contentment, non-attachment, vivid imagery, and otherworldly compassion radiating through me were similar. That's why I waited so long to respond - with these drugs, the memory of what had happened was there but the experience passed and I was the same person, more or less, that I was before. I tried to heal myself once with LSD combined with deep medition, to renounce all my attachments and sorrow and to "die" in the form of ego-death. I won't lie and renounce drugs because they helped open me to greater depths of experience. But it didn't HEAL me.
This is different - I am completely, irreversibly, thankfully, and miraculously HEALED. My soul felt it first and my body followed, having nowhere else to go. The wound on my foot became painless and healed quickly, but most importantly I felt HAPPY again! The first few days I just got home from school, sat down on my bed, and smiled. That was it because what else is there to do really? Then inspiration came, motivation, enthusiasm, and direction like a wave and I'm working towards being a Kung Fu master and Chinese doctor again. Only this time every exercise and hour studying is a pleasure.

My relationship with Sarah has a lot to thank you for as well. I fell out of the "in love" thing, an attachment I left behind with the treatment, but my love grew deeper. A love of appreciation and companionship, less about desire and more about fulfillment. She's been glowing ever since and has been a true pleasure to be around. Our communication is honest, open, and free of worry or judgment. We are able to describe to one another things we don't want or like and there is no reflex of self-doubt or offense, only mutual understanding and loving kindness. This was always there, but the ego-reactions aren't just diminished - they're practically GONE. It's just mind blowing. It's funny, I can't even bring myself to sit down and formally meditate. I ask myself, why do I need to do that? And I realize I don't need to for any spiritual progress. I meditate when I'm driving, when I'm reading, when I'm treating a patient, when I'm training in Kung Fu. My whole life is inner awareness mingling with an outer experience. There is no separation.

I told my friend that I wish everyone could have an experience with Jette. All 6 billion of us on the planet. If only! I know so many people who need this, actually I don't know anyone who doesn't need it. I'm in the practice of healing medical and emotional problems, but what I've always wanted to do is to heal the soul. So far, the closest thing I found was Traditional Chinese Medicine because it heals the entire being. But you go beyond that. I want to help the people that come to me, even if I can only do it a little bit. Can you help me learn? What can I do to take their pain away? I have very few desires left for myself in this life but one of them is to do this.

Thank you again. I somehow feel as though you don't even need me to say it, because you know what I felt and what you did for me. But I'll say it again! Thank you :)

All my love


Hi Jette,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful session on Wednesday,September 29, 2010. Because my sister is suffering from cancer, I have been thinking about death and life afterwards more than usual.
After spending time with you, I believe I was able to reconnect with my past, experience what it might be like to transition and I discovered beauty, light and peace in a most unimaginable way. Somehow, any fears I had about the unknown and the future just seemed to melt away. I left with such a calmness and sense of peace and comfort, and I truly believe I will be able to share this with my sister and others if and when that time comes. Again, thank you for a most amazing, wonderful, enlitghtenment...

John E. Oxendine



I had the good fortune to meet Jette Terpner in my tai chi class on the beach in Boca Raton, Florida. She attended class with Brian, a mutual friend, and was introduced to me as just, Jette. It was after class, in a private moment, that Brian told me she was a healer of great renown. I could see right off the bat that Jette was gentle, kind and of good humor because she greeted me with a big hug and huge smile but equally impressive was that she was completely plugged into the tai chi experience. She let herself go with the meditative flow instantly. She radiated peace and tranquility as she coalesced with the movements - movements she had never done before.

Jette, said that she so appreciated my tai chi class that she would be happy to do a healing session for me. She asked, what if anything, would I like to change or heal in my life. My answer came without thinking. I had lived through tragic circumstances in the late 1980's and wished for my sorrow to disappear. Twenty-three years was a lot to bear. This was the kind of searing, gut wrenching sorrow from Post Traumatic Stress that pulls you into an emotional abyss or tortures you with ceaseless, cinematic re-runs in your head. "Do you have any physical problems you would like fixed?" "Yes, I have residual gouty arthritis in my right knee that makes my job of teaching tai chi and kung fu difficult and I also have scarring in my left lung and chronic bronchitis from having worked with fiberglass when I did construction, so I feel a constant pressure." I never told her that my right biceps tendon was currently torn and healing painfully slowly.

The healing session with Jette was remarkable, to say the very least. I had experiences that transcend any meditation or martial discipline I had known. This was different on every level. Most notable of these was that I noticed a distinct lightening in my heart and an automatic smile emerged on my face throughout most of the session. I feel it is important to add that I also experienced a deep euphoria and visions, among other occurrences that defy rationale explanation. I have been experiencing expansive consuming joy since the treatment that has been contagious among my interactions with others and absolutely all feelings of pathos have disappeared. My knee is 100% better, the pressure in my chest gone and even my arm is better!

Jette Terpner is a gift to us all - a true miracle and, need I say, a delightful person!

Sincerely yours,


Dear Jette ~

Words simply cannot express the level of gratitude that
is coursing throughout my Being as I sit back, relax
and recapture every moment we were gifted
with spending time with each other.

I haven't remembered dreams in quite a while,
though I know we always continue to dream.
Last night in a dream you and I spent alot of time together
talking, moving from cafe' to cafe', walking
around to different seaside beautiful spots
enjoying each others company and feeling
at peace in body, mind and spirit.

This dream lasted for quite some time
shifting into other situations as well,
showing me other aspects of myself
that I am aware of to keep tabs on
as I move along in the unfoldment
of this healing process.

My return back to New York was an interesting one
as it was serving as a reflection for my new found
perception gained from the healing.

Talking to people I know like my friend who picked me up at the airport
who typically would be annoying and pushing my judgmental button on
casting my mind into that insidious role, wasn't there. I could listen to her
ramblings with a level of compassion and understanding whose focus was
that of this soft, relaxed and much more patient ear than I'd known before.

You, they, whomever, has removed "the edge" I'll call it.
There is no longer the gripping of the tight perception
that was strangling my Heart.
Strangling is a good word for it, in fact those words,
"strangling my heart" is why I stopped the email a moment ago
to record that as a title for a new poem.

As Keith and I were driving to see you sunday morning for my second session,
I was gifted with yet another poem title called, "No more Questions."
Spirit speaks to me all the time Jette. That's nothing new to my awareness,
however I know there is no prescribed depth to which this can reach.

The poetry that passes through me is a mixture of our humanness
serving as a vehicle for Divine Spirit to move through and speak
of an aspect of Truth that is woven into this fabric we call life.
It is a privilege to do this as a part of my expression here
and I will send some of them to you as we move along.

I am so very thankful for this experience of meeting you
and being within this new fold of this most beautiful loving embrace.
You are indeed a very, very special person whom I cherish greatly.
When we hug, I simply don't want to let go!

~ Peace in Oneness ~
       Only Luv,


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It was hard for me to come up with a title for the painting so when I meditated on it I came up with "Universal Truth".
You see, I hold you in highest esteem as an energy worker and I see you filled with light and all kinds of wonderful colors and energy. I believe everything you do is with the highest and best good for the planet, the people and all life so that is why the painting just goes on and on in layers and layers of paint and glitter and orbs and circles. I see you as representing the new "Truth" for the new earth so that is why I named it "Universal Truth". Also because you do travel the world in your quest to heal I felt the dolphin represented that aspect. The turtle of course, is the USA and the stag represents the forest/earth mother. The gold paint represents "unity/oneness" of the planet. The rose represents the "divine feminine". I think that about covers everything but if you have other questions please feel free to ask. Oh, of course the long white hair is "wisdom" which you certainly have.
Jette, if I could be like anyone when I have reached my "highest self" it would be you. You are so beautiful and soft and just radiate so much love to all.

It was truly a pleasure and honor to paint you.

Much love as always, Jette


Testimonial for Jette Terpner

I recently had the privilege of experiencing the healing artistry of Jette with healings done both for my personal well-being as well as healings done for the improved comfort of the environment in and around my home.
The healings for personal well-being resulted in my experiencing greater comfort in my body, increased energy, an improved sense of well-being, and an elevated "ease of living". Life lived fatigued by obligation and responsibility has shifted energetically to life now lived in joy and possiblity!
Likewise, the healings done on my home and property resulted in a similar energetic shift. My house, previously experienced as a burdensome travail of ceaseless repairs and unfinished work contracts, is now a place I can truly call "home". Within 6 weeks of the healing work on my home, a three year struggle to complete a landscaping design process came to a beautiful completion, things miraculously stopped breaking, committed and competent professionals came into our lives, the coyote left the property, the infestation of bats vacated the gables and my beloved deer began bedding down in the meadow at night, blessing our home with their beauty and gentility.

Jette's healings or blessings of light and love, have brought peace, joy and comfort to the dwelling of my spirit and my body; and because of which, I feel incredibly blessed.

Cathy Pfeil


From my journal, 9/18/10: Jette, angel that she is, did a healing session on me just now. I released so much. In between my left shoulder and collar bone was a large stone spearhead stuck in there and I was so hurt. It had been there all this time without my knowing. I saw it removed and I sent forgiveness to whoever placed it there. I saw it heal and a multi-colored zinnia flower was painted over it like a body tattoo but that I could smear it off to confirm the healed smooth skin underneath (where the ragged bloody hole had been). My root chakra opened and cleared; it was the first time I actually saw and felt connected with it, it was like a small spinning red galaxy that was swirling and glowing. On my left leg and foot I saw a golden yellow energy come in and flood my entire body and on the right foot a dark blue lotus flower crystal sprouted and roots stretched out to go deep and connect with the earth. I saw a deep navy line from my vocal cords/throat arch down through my body to the bottom of my spine. I got it to turn golden later, but may need some more work. Jette said that my throat chakra needs more and asked if I had been in a car accident (yes, in 2000, herniated disc in neck). I saw violet light in my third eye chakra. At the end I saw this being with me, a mostly feminine light sparkling white/translucent being all the same soft radiance. I don't know for certain if it was an angel, star being or even a selenite being as that is most like what she resembled, but I thanked her for being with me, for "them" being with me and then more stepped into the circle of my awareness and a golden colored one of the same vision stepped close to me on my left. They were beautiful and I was happy to finally see them, especially her in such detail, although it's a little fuzzy now and hard to explain, she was very clear that day.



I met Jette Terpner through a very good friend of mine in Copenhagen. When this friend talks I listen carefully. She could not stop talking about Jette's amazing energy and ability to heal.
An appoinment was set up for a session with Jette in my Malmö flat. My lower back and left leg were acting up like they do when I got stressed. Also, my heart was tending to race alot. I was releasing my 6th solo album "Fresh Tracks" on New Sky Records and there were a million details continually bombarding me, along with stresses in my personal life.
It was a period of time that required high energy and I thought a "tune up" would do me good.
When I met Jette I observed that she simply glowed with beauty and light. Like a beautiful angel. My first, intuitive impression of her was very positive.
She pulled out a massage table and went to work. It was a very pleasurable session and I felt a huge release had occurred.
To this day my sciatica leg and lower back remain virtually problem free. I'd call it a 95% healing.
Many miraculous things happened around the release of my album in 2010.
I will not give Jette complete credit for these occurences, but I will also not discount that she probably had a strong influence on the positive things that were happening.
I do continue to look to Jette to optimize my health and energy. I very much look forward to my next "tune up". She IS the real deal. She's got the gift and a beautiful heart too. She RADIATES healing and light. You WILL heal with her. Seek her out. I did and will continue to do so in the future when the need arises.

---Jon Strider, performing singer-songwriter & record producer

His latest album "Fresh Tracks" is available at the website, iTunes and Amazon.com


Hejsa Jette.
Da jeg i lang tid og efter mange besøg hos "healere" uden held til at kunne finde en, som kunne heale mig uden at jeg gik derfra med behandlerens personlige blokeringer og problem stillinger i mit energi felt, har jeg haft den store fornøjelse, at være hos Jette til Reconnective Healing og en Reconnection.
Da jeg selv arbejder med energierne i mit erhverv og har mange klienter, ved jeg hvor vigtigt det er mellem klienten og behandleren at der er tillid, denne tillid fornemmede jeg fra det første øjeblik af jeg så Jette ind i øjene.
Jette er en behandler der virkelig tager sit arbejde meget seriøst og med stor respekt for de universielle energier hun kanalisere igennem sig.
Efter min første behandling blev jeg i samråd med Jette enig om, at få en Reconnection 10 dage senere.
Da jeg mødte op hos Jette for en Reconnection dag 1, kunne jeg mærke på enerigen i rummet, at noget skulle ske, og under behandlingen forstod jeg, at de energier som Jette kanaliseret var høj frekvente og endnu engang mærkede jeg Jettes dygtighed i forhold til at arbejde som healer, for da jeg lå på briksen kunne jeg ikke mærke eller fornemme Jette, men blot de fantastiske energier vi havde. Efter endt Reconnection havde vi en god samtale, hvor Jette brugte tid til at snakke med mig om oplevelsen og jeg gik derfra glad på første dagen.
Næste dag da jeg fik Reconnection dag 2, brugte Jette igen god tid på at lytte til mig inden jeg skulle modtage min sidste Reconection.
Denne healing forløb hurtigt, da jeg nærmest lige havde lagt mig på briksen til hun var færdig og kom ind og sagde velkommen tilbage med et smil på læben, jeg var lidt forvirret indtil det gik op for mig at jeg måtte være faldet i "søvn" dette gør jeg ellers kun når jeg har fuldstændig tillid til nogen og om mit hovede fortæller mig jeg skal have tillid er en ting, men at min krop viser det ved at falde i "søvn" er virkelig en tillids erklæring, smiler.
Min samlet vudering af Jette er, at jeg til hver en tid vil anbefale Jette til andre, hun er meget meget dygtig og kompetent til det hun laver. At beskriver Jette og oplevelsen hos hende kan være svært, da jeg ikke har ord for det, men blot sige, Jette kan ej hellere beskrives, hun skal opleves det er en oplevelse, jeg ikke ville have været foruden. Fra dybt i mit hjerte en stor tak til dig Jette, for den du er og hvad du gør.



Jeg hedder Anne og er 54 år. Gift og har 3 børn. Har altid haft det svært med mig selv og med andre mennesker, følt mig mindre værd, har depressioner, gigt i lænd og nakke, konstant hovedpine og smerter.

Jeg har været autoritetstro hele mit liv til nu. Min far og jeg har ikke et godt forhold. Jeg har aldrig følt mig fri tidligere, fri til at gøre og sige hvad jeg gerne vil. Bare taget imod godt som dårligt.
For at kunne slappe af en gang i mellem drak jeg mere og mere alkohol.

Jeg mødte Jette for 5-6 år siden på Helsemesse i Frederikssund og blev straks interesseret i hvad Jette kunne, fik en prøvebehandling, interessen blev bestemt ikke mindre, tværimod.

Jette er i Danmark 4 gange om året og hver gang lige siden er jeg kommet og fået healing 1-4 gange.

Det er helt unikt og fantastisk hvad Jette kan og hvad hun har gjort for mig og hvad hun fortsat kan gøre, for jeg stopper aldrig med at komme hos Jette.

Jette er den mest elskelige kvinde og bare det at vide at hun er i Danmark, tæt på hvor jeg bor, er vidunderligt og jeg må bare besøge hende og have mere af det hun kan gøre for mig.

Det er helt fantastisk, helbredende både psyke og fysik, for mit vedkommende mest for psyken,når jeg har været hos Jette går jeg derfra med ny energi glad, varme omslutter mig og et dejligt lys, alt starter forfra.

For nogle dagen siden var jeg igen hos Jette.
Jeg var så træt, langt nede, følte mig grå og trist og uden liv, min mor er svært syg og jeg har en autistisk søn, så der er meget i øjeblikket.

Denne healing skulle dog komme til at ændre mig fuldstændig.
Der er altid et enormt lys og en enorm varme i rummet sammen med Jette.
Jeg var meget overrasket, da healingen var overstået, jeg følte en befrielse af noget stort og tungt, blive løftet væk fra mig.
Jeg har set Jesus under tidligere healinger, men denne gang var det virkeligt stort og flot syn, siden ser jeg Jesus meget, han guider mig og råder mig hele tiden. Min veninde og mormor, begge afdøde betyder rigtig meget for mig, og var også under denne healing.
Mange gange har jeg bedt om hjælp, der er nogen der hører mig og hjælper mig hele tiden, det giver tryghed. Mine smerter bliver lindret.

Jeg kan tale med min far se ham i øjnene.
Jeg siger ikke blot noget for at sige noget, er lyttende.

Jette tager mine smerter, letter mine byrder, sætter mig i forbindelse med Jesus, engle, ærkeengler som har taget min angst.
Jeg har i lang tid bedt om at jeg måtte stoppe med alkohol, faktisk et helt år, og nu pludselig kunne jeg stoppe helt, jeg har meldt det ud til alle jeg kender, Jette har hjulpet mig hele vejen igennem også med dette. Ingen andre end Jette og mig selv.

Jeg har meget svært ved at stoppe med at skrive om hvad Jette har betydet for mig, mit liv og dermed min familie.

Denne følelse af at være født på ny er så fantastisk, dejlig, smukt at opleve.


Healing hos Jette Terpner den 12. november 2010
Jeg ankom til dig med en lettere hovedpine og en smule stress, da jeg havde været på arbejde hele dagen og trafikken havde været slem? jeg havde dog drukket ekstra vand på vej ud til dig? men det var dejligt lige at kunne falde til ro med en kop te inden vi startede healingen.

Jeg kom til healingen med et ønske om større balance i mit liv, at få renset ud i mit halschakra/skjoldbruskkirtel samt et ønske om at få healet mit eksem i nakke, hovedbund og bagved ørerne. Samtidig fortalte jeg om mine stive (gigtplaget) tæer.

Du fik hurtigt ind at mit eksem slet ikke var eksem, men candida svamp og fortalte at jeg skulle bruge teatree oil i min shampoo. Stivheden i mine fødder hang sammen med åbningen til universet.

Da du startede med at arbejde omkring min nakke, hals og skuldre og øvre del af ryggen, mærkede jeg at, der blev åbnet op for energien helt ned til lænden.

Imens du arbejdede med min højre arm og hånd, kunne jeg tydeligt mærke, hvordan min venstre håndflade blev aktiveret og energien strømmede ud af den.

Jeg var heller ikke i tvivl om, at du fik åbnet min adgang til universet under fødderne? da det skete begyndte jeg nemlig at se billeder

Den største reaktion skete dog, da vi (du) arbejdede med mit halschakra? fra næsten ikke at kunne åbne op for stemmen endte det med at, jeg i sidste omgang virkeligt kunne skrige igennem. Der var ingen tvivl i mit sind, om at jeg fik hjælp dertil for, da det skete så jeg de smukkeste gul/lysegrønne farver.
Inden vi tog den sidste tur med halsen, bad du mig at se om, der var nogle steder, hvor der stadig var noget at arbejde med i min krop. Lige inden havde jeg set den smukkeste kongekrone lyse og funkle med de smukkeste diamanter, men da jeg skulle se ned gennem kroppen kunne jeg ikke passere halsen, hvor der stadig var mørke. Jeg sprang derfor halschakraet over og så derefter tydeligt at, der var "hul igennem" under mine fødder? jeg så en åbning, som var hvid med regnbuefarver i kanten.

Imens du arbejdede med kroppen kunne jeg tydeligvis mærke en forskel fra før og efter du havde behandlet hhv. den ene og anden side. F.eks. da du var færdig med venstre side kunne jeg tydeligt mærke en lethed i den side i forhold til den højre, som endnu ikke var færdigbehandlet.
I det hele taget, da du var færdig med healingen, følte jeg det som om jeg havde aflagt en tung kåbe og var blevet mere fri også i mine bevægelser.

Da du bad mig om at forestille mig, at jeg sad under et vandfald på Machu Picchu og blev renset ? var jeg der allerede, jeg så det ikke tydeligt, men fornemmede det bare. Efter du havde forladt rummet, lå jeg og slappede af og mærkede tydeligt, at der stadigt blev arbejdet videre på mig? jeg følte mig totalt afslappet og tryg. Jeg var ikke i tvivl om, da healingen var forbi.. for da så jeg for mit indre blik noget der lignede guld DNA strenge bevæge sig ind og ud mellem hinanden... det skete lige som du trådte ind af døren igen.

Efter healingen var min hovedpine væk, jeg var meget træt og frøs.

Efter endt behandling kan jeg også tydeligt mærke at mine tæer ikke er så fastlåste længere og heller ikke er helt så ømme som før? det er ikke helt væk, men meget bedre.
En anden meget tydelig forandring fra før, var da du bad mig om at rejse mig og stå på tæer? der var ingen tvivl, jeg var helt afgjort kommet mere i balance, i hvert fald fysisk? og nu afventer jeg bare at se om, jeg også er kommet mere i balance psykisk?:.

Efter jeg var kommet hjem var jeg stadig meget træt, men havde fået varmen, så meget at mine fødder føltes rigtigt varme og jeg kunne slet ikke mærke stivhed og ømhed.

Næste morgen vågnede jeg med en ømhed i hele kroppen svarende til, hvis jeg havde arbejdet i haven en hel dag? så det er tydeligt at healingen har været inde og påvirke min krop.
Stivheden og ømheden i tæerne er betydeligt bedre, dog ikke helt væk.

Min hals er stadig "helt ren" og det er nemt for mig at trække vejret dybt nu. Der er dog stadig en lille hæshed tilbage.

Min balance, når jeg står på tæer, er lige så god som lige efter behandlingen.

Her i weekenden efter healingen, har jeg været på kursus i at male mit power, energi-, healingsbillede. Og jeg er ikke i tvivl om at din healing forud for kurset, har haft en indvirkning på den proces, jeg har været igennem på dette kursus.

Jeg har vedhæftet mit power billede, som for mig repræsenterer balancen og kraften fra himmelen og jorden som jeg er en del af og kan trække på, når som helst jeg har behov.

Glæder mig til vi mødes næste gang? du er bare fantastisk.

Kærlig hilsen

Anne-Mette Hvid Mølkjær

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Kære Jette

Så kom der luft i mit hus så jeg kan sætte mig ned og skrive :-)
Jeg fik i sommeren 2005 en meget smuk søn, som hedder Tino Angel Andreas. Han er født med et handicap. Da han var helt lille lagde man ikke mærke til det, men som månederne gik blev det mere tydeligt. Hans krop kunne ikke noget (han kunne ikke holde sit hoved selv da han var 13mdr gammel) og han havde et meget dårligt syn (han var næsten blind da han var helt lille). Vi blev hurtigt henvist til hospitalet som straks gik i gang med at undersøge ham for alverdens ting uden held.
Vi fik også hurtigt tilknyttet en fysioterapeut som trænede med ham et par gange om ugen, alt i mens vi også trænede ham derhjemme. Der begyndte at ske minimale fremskridt og da han rundede sit andet år fik han sine briller og startede i en specialbørnehave.
Det fortsatte med at gå i den rigtige retning med hans udvikling, men stadig meget meget langsomt. Selvom han nu var lidt over 2 år havde var hans udvikling som en på 9-10mdr.
I foråret inden Tino blev 3 år fik jeg et opkald fra en som synes at jeg at skulle lade Tino møde en healer.. og det blev så vores første møde med Jette :-)
Under den første session ændrede han helt person, hans øjnene blev helt rolige.. han tog stenene som Jette havde givet ham og sagde mor prøv at hør de siger noget.. mor mærk magien :-) da vi gik fra Jette blev hans balance til at starte med værre end den var før, men som dagen gik rettede den sig stille og roligt igen. Tino fik en session mere og også denne gang snakkede han om magi. Jette lod ham prøve at få energien i hånden og Tino lyste helt op og sagde kan vi ikke tage energien med hjem mor :-)
Han begyndte også at heale mig - en dag da jeg bandt hans snørebånd holdt han sine hænder over mit hoved, jeg spurgte ham hvad han lavede og han sagde at han holdt på mine farver:-)
Foråret passeret og Tino´s udvikling forsatte stadig langsomt i den rigtige retning, hans tale begyndte også at tage form. Da ferien startede spurgte jeg hans søskende og ham hvad de gerne ville opleve i deres ferie.. hans søskende sagde at de gerne ville se deres bror gå! Hvordan skulle jeg dog kunne opfylde det ønske... Men i løbet af sommeren (2mdr) begyndte Tino at gå og kravle på legestativer ligesom alle andre børn og da efteråret startede begyndte han også at småløbe :-)
Ved vores 3. møde med Jette havde Tino smidt sine briller og han kunne gå,løbe ,hoppe og danse.
I dag er Tino ligeså velfungerende som alle andre børn på 5 år og går i en almindelig børnehave. Har lægerne fundet ud af hvad "problemet" hedder - nej.
Nu er det jo også lige meget, for ved hjælp fra Jette, universet og Tino selv så må jeg sige at vi er jo lige der hvor vi skal være.
Tak kan ikke siges nok.

Knus Tino og Berit


A few months back, upon the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment for a long distance healing from Jette.
At the appointed time, I closed the door, lay down and took a deep breath, not sure what to expect. Within a few minutes I felt an odd sensation that I can only describe as someone taking my consciousness by the hand and bringing it into focus. For the next hour I felt wonderfully peaceful and faintly aware of energetic changes, clearly something was going on!
I am not very clever about putting these things into words, so let me just say - Jette is the real deal. A few days after the healing we spoke and in her very loving and positive manner Jette brought me her own observations from the healing, all of them helpful and spot on.
Since then, I am delighted to have heard often from Jette, always upbeat and positive and loving messages that brighten my day.
Jette is without a doubt one of the kindest, most positive and supportive people I have encountered in my life, and my session with her left me more peaceful, creative and energized.
Thanks Jette!

Susannah Cord
Author, 'Fenella, A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly'



Kære Jette

Jeg har de sidste 30 år benyttet mig af alternative helbredelsesmetoder, som kinesiolog, osteopati, kraniosakralterapi - genkaldelsesterapi, lydterapi, homøopati og andet, men ikke healing.

I sommeren 2009 krydsede Jettes og mine veje hinanden - Jeg havde et akut behov. Og skæbnen ville, at jeg i den lokale avis så, at Jette var i mit område og gav healing. Heldig var jeg også, at få en tid - og det har forandret mangt og meget i mit liv, og det blev ikke blot ved den ene healing, men til et par distancehealinger, og hver gang Jette er i Danmark har jeg siden da fået foretaget healing. Det har medført, at jeg har fået ryddet op i en masse ting - jeg har bøvlet med livet igennem.

Jeg husker, at jeg efter den første healing var fyldt op med fred og ro inden i, det var en utrolig fornemmelse, og når jeg i dag sætter mig for at meditere - har jeg næsten ro med det samme - og har meget nemmere ved at blive tømt for tanker, hvilket jeg ikke har haft nemt ved førhen.

Jette er et utrolig dejligt menneske, med nogle helt fantastiske evner - og jeg er hende evig taknemmelig for at jeg i dag bobler af glæde og er fyldt med livslyst.
Hvor end jeg komme, anbefaler jeg Jette, til de, der giver udtryk for at kunne bruge hjælp til et og andet.

Det er ikke kun mig der har haft glæde af Jettes healinger - mine to søde heste - den ene meget nervøs, har Jette haft under behandling, både live og i distance, med særdeles gode resultater. Jeg synes da også lige at jeg vil nævne, at min mand der i mange år har haft ondt i ryggen, har så godt som været smertefri - efter en enkel healing hos Jette, og han har allerede booke en tid til - når Jette kommer igen.
Kort sagt Jette er noget af det bedste der er sket i mit liv.

Mange kærlige hilsner

Kirsten på Ærø


To Whom it may Concern:

I am the owner and developer of a residential community called The Lodges at Eagles Nest in Banner Elk, NC. Our homeowners association offers its member residents a wide range of services that are provided by outside contractors. Jette Terpner has operated a healing clinic on the property through her business, The Reconnection, since August of 2006.

Please feel free to contact me with any addition questions you may have regarding Mrs. Terpner's business dealings with our association.

John Turchin


Hey Jette,

I had two wonderful reconnection healing sessions with Jette as well as the two sessions for the Reconnection itself. Each session was special and unique it it's own way. My first session was very powerful and was for me a life-changing experience. During this session I felt an amazing energy flowing through my hands. I sensed that this energy was a universal healing energy that I can use to heal myself and others. Afterwards I have experienced that I am able to "switch on" this energy and I am grateful to have found this connection.

It is hard to put words on the unique experiences that I had during the sessions, however I have since read in the book "The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself" by Eric Pearl, that some of my experiences have been felt by others too. During all the sessions I felt connected to and touched (physically) by a greater loving energy. I had Jette working overtime as I felt so wonderful being surrounded by this beautiful energy that I didn't wanted the sessions to end :-)

I now feel more connected and aware and am using and trusting my intuition more and more.

A pleasant and very important part of the sessions with Jette is the talks before and after the healing itself. Jette is a very loving and kind person full of wisdom. During these talks I got some of the information that I was searching for my continued journey.

Thank you Jette - I look forward seeing you back in Australia again.
Tom (Sydney, Australia)


"Jeg kan næsten ikke beskrive med ord hvad reconnection healing hos Jette har gjort for mig.
Der er sket noget på energimæssigt plan som jeg mærker i hele mit system, en ny og større bevidsthed om hvem jeg er og hvad jeg skal i livet.
Jeg mødte mig selv på et meget dybt plan og har fået åbnet op for mit hjerte og mit højere selv på et helt nyt niveau. Jeg føler mig rolig, let og i et naturligt flow hvor alt er ok og som det skal være.
Samtidig healer jeg gamle sår og genfinder min styrke fra et nyt sted - der er ingen tvivl om at jeg står mere i mit center end før healingen". Pernille Simmelsgaard

Knus og kærlige tanker, Pernille


En behandling hos Jette er en meget særlig oplevelse. Hun arbejder med svingninger og "connection" på et helt sublimt plan.
Hendes musik er som den højeste krystalklare tone - næsten uhørlig for det menneskelige øre - men med en stor "impact" på et kropsligt og sanseligt plan.
Jeg vil gerne varmt anbefale Jette og hendes behandlinger til mennesker, der er klar til kvantespring i deres egen udvikling.

Kærlig hilsen
Karen Humle, Musical Portraits - www.violinconsult.dk


Kære Jette.
Når jeg er hos dig, føler jeg mig både tryg og løftet.
Du har en fantastisk evne til at få mig til at føle mig "god nok", - selv uden ord. Jeg nyder mine sessions hos dig, og glæder mig altid til du kommer til Danmark.
Efter min reconnection oplever jeg, at min healings-energi er blevet meget stærkere. Jeg føler mig, mere i kontakt med min egen kerne, og har derfor en indre fred.
Ved de reconnective healings jeg har fået bagefter, har jeg hver gang oplevet at føle mig lettere - ikke fysisk - men mentalt og psykisk fordi jeg får givet slip på nogle ting.
De allerfleste gange, har jeg oplevet engle og alfer omkring mig, mens jeg har ligget på din briks.
Samtidig er jeg altid "ude" og opleve andre steder i universet, når jeg ligger der, men jeg kan ikke huske oplevelserne bagefter.
Altid går jeg glad fra dig, føler mig løftet og fyldt med glæde.

Kærlige tanker


Kæreste Jette
Det er nu snart 4 år siden at jeg mødte dig første gang, på fr. sund helsemesse.
Du siger intet er tilfældigt, men jeg vidste ikke at der var messe i fr. sund, før end jeg fik en invitation til at tage med af en god bekendt. Skulle lige slå op på nettet, for at se hvilke foredrag der var og da så jeg dit navn, samt at det drejede sig om reconnection healing.
Havde lige læst bogen af Erick Pearl " den ny healingsenergi " så jeg var meget spændt. Skal love for det var et fantastisk foredrag, hvor man mærkede en masse i Jettes nærhed. Skyndte mig op at bestille en tid. En healing hos dig Jette, er af en helt ubeskrivelig karakter, det skal opleves for helt at kunne forstå det.

Personligt er der sket mange gode ting, både fysisk og psykisk. Kan huske efter den første behandling, at Jette var helt super til at massere mine hofter ( havde haft mange smerter i ca. 1/2 år ). Jette smilede blot,informerde mig om at hun ikke har rørt mig.
En anden gang, var ganske sjov/lidt chokerende. Plejer ikke at kunne se billeder for mig, men under denne behandling kom der en mørk kriger, med maske for øjnene. Jeg gik inden i et stort krat sammen med ham og han skulle vise vej til.... Dette var sidst på eftermiddagen, om aftenen var der invitation til fuldmåneaften i haven. Sad i rundkreds og et tæppe med forskellige ting lå i midten.
En af deltagerne sagde, at hun havde fået "besked" på at tegne, det kunne være skytsånder. Hun havde tegnet 3, deriblandt en tro kopi af den kriger jeg havde set under healingen, det kan nok være hårerne rejste sig lidt.

Du har været en øjenåbner i mere en en forstand, du har med dit fantastiske væsen og høje frekvenser sneget dig helt ind og åbnet op for en masse. Jette, du er utrolig hurtig til at spore dig ind på hvordan man har det, møder en lige hvor man er på det givne tidspunkt. Medfølelse indebærer, at vi forstår en andens følelser. Det at blive set i vores smerte, frygt o.s.v. er en velsignelse. Jette du ser på os der er under dine hænder med dyb medfølelse og fordømmer ikke, som vi fordømmer os selv. Dette gør at vi tør åbne os og tilgive os selv, så vi kan nå en indre accept. Dette er en sikker måde at hjælpe hinanden til at vokse på.
Jette, du viser mig, at medfølelse blot behøver vores fulde opmærksomhed, som noget vi mærker i hjertet i forhold til andre.

Kærligst M.B.F


Kære Jette
Du ramte mig præcis i hjertet og lige hvor jeg havde aller mest brug for det. Jeg er stadig forundret over, hvor meget du kunne frigive inden i mig og skabe den forandring der længe havde været i mine tanker og min væren, som jeg længe selv havde kredset om uden at komme nogen vegne.
Du har åbnet mine øjne, mine ører, ja hele min krop for englene og deres gøren, væren og betydning for mig, selvom jeg vidste de var der, er det nu blevet synligt og nærværende, tusind tak. Jeg kan mærke energien i mig hver dag vokse, og kan mærke at det udvikler mig i den retning jeg gerne vil gå. Endnu engang tak.
Ha' det godt så længe - hils englene og bjergene omkring dig.

Stort knus fra Mette

Mail to Jette:
Subject: Greetings from the Sunshine Coast Qld.
Good Morning Gorgeous,

Love getting your emails and hope that this one finds you well.

Am enjoying Mooloolaba, it is gorgeous you have the best of both worlds with being close to the beach and having the Glasshouse Mountains only 40 mins away. They are gorgeous.

I have been having some quiet time preparing myself to go back to Sydney.

It has been a wonderful time I have noticed a real softening about myself and find myself smiling for no reason. This is foreign to me. The softening feels like the hard shell that encased and protected me is being broken down and the real me is able to shine. I am amazed that the fear is being replaced by a quiet determination. I am realising that you are able to be gorgeously female and still be heard.

Now when I see myself I am a gorgeous soft hazy floating white gold light and it makes me smile.

Thank you for all your help.

With love and light,


If we are very fortunate, we may have the opportunity to meet a Divine healer. One who's love for us and the Divine motivates them to serve our highest good, selflessly. These " earth angels" address issues in the spiritual, mental, emotional. and physical bodies. They do it in ways we may not even understand. With a huge capacity for love and compassion, they navigate other dimensions effortlessly. They are capable of removing any blockages to health and wholeness, while reconnecting us to our highest Divine self.

Jette Terpner is a rare " earth angel ". I am honored to know her, and eternally grateful for her selfless service. The earth is going through a huge transition period. Many are suffering with depression,anxiety, or a feeling of hopelessness. Some have lost their income or home. Many have problems with relationships. Many more are physically ill, with everything you can imagine. What ever the problem, and no matter the severity of the problem, the Divine can heal it through the enormous heart and endless compassion of a truely Divine servant.

I thank you Jette for your service. I thank you for a pain free body, a clear mind, a peaceful heart ,and a joyous Soul! You are truely a miraculous angel to all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love and gratitude, Lynne Odekirk


Kære Jette.
Det har været 3 fantastiske behandlinger jeg har haft hos dig. Det har i den grad rykket ved noget i mig. Hvorfor bare stille sig tilfreds med tingens tilstand?
Jette har på sin måde fået mig til at se, at det er mig, der er ansvarlig for mit liv og det er mig alene, der har ansvar for, at jeg får et godt liv. Jettes behandlinger har fået mig til at tænke meget mindre over, hvad andre mennesker tænker og tro om mig og mit. Det er en befrielse!
Ved Jettes guidning er jeg på vej - jeg arbejder stadig meget med mig selv, og indimellem går jeg også et skridt tilbage, men kort efter atter to skridt frem!
Det fantastiske ved Jette er, at hun er helt sin egen. Hun formår, at skabe et trygt og tillidsfuldt rum fyldt med engle. At lytte til Jettes musik er som at ligge i grønne enge og kigge op på den blå himmel - alt er fredfyldt. Derfor er en behandling hos Jette for mig absolut velvære. Jeg føler en indre ro bagefter. Al stress og bekymring er blæst væk, og kroppen er fuldstændig afslappet både fysisk og psykisk. Når Jette atter kommer til Danmark, håber jeg på endnu en behandling og jeg kan derfor varmt anbefale Jette til alle, der har brug for forandring i sit liv eller bare ønsker velvære.

De kærligste tanker


I want to thank you again for the incredible facilitation/healing. Every time I focus on my back I see these two beautiful huge wings moving. Still feeling lighter and more energy flow. When I got home from the healing that day I went around the house singing and smiling all the rest of the day. Those who know me well notice the difference in my voice and in my eyes since the session. I have passed on your great abilities.

Thank you again!!!


I think of you often as I meditate and feel so blessed that I met you. My "internal bruising" is healed because of you which was a tremendous burden. I thank God for your gift!

Be well, Jetta, and know you are in my thoughts!

My feedback after receiving tree treatments by Jette Terpner in April 2014.

When I met Jette first time I could only breathe in the upper part of my lungs due to Emphysema. I also had a lot of old stuff in my backpack which caused me to lack confidence and faith in myself and my own abilities.

Already after the first treatment, I could breathe right through. Just try to imagine, how it feels again to be able to breathe from the bottom of your lungs (which I havn't been able to do for 10 years) - It was Surprise, delight and "is it true?" that came to my mind. At the same time I got so sore in all the places where I had blockages in both my neck, back and my legs. However, the pain lifted after a few days and havn't been there since.

After the second treatment I experience more freedom, I can move around more freely and I have become much less out of breath. I receive clearer messages (clairvoyant), clearer and brighter light and my healings has become stronger. Right after the third treatment I experienced a severe reaction of fatigue in my body, however, it declined after a few minutes. The light poured in and filled me up. - Magically. Now I feel that I have strength, has got new and overwhelming positive vision of life. Thank you Jette.

Love Annie

. Om morgenen inden jeg skal hen til Jette vågner jeg op af en meget virkelig drøm. Jeg drømmer at jeg er taget over til Jette og at jeg har Tobias og min kat med. Min kat begynder at ville fange et insekt. Vi finder ud af at det er en sommerfugl og både Jette og jeg prøver at række hånden ud for at se om den vil flyve over på os. Den flyver over hos Jette og sætter sig på hendes arm. Nu forvandler sommerfuglen sig til en lille bitte alf. Det ligner et lille menneske med sommerfuglevinger. Jeg ser den kun bagfra mens jeg ser Jette er i dyb samtale med den. Jette har fortalt at hun ser alfer, så derfor virker drømmen meget virkelig som om jeg får lov til at "se" det hun ser i min drøm. Jeg er slet ikke i tvivl om at Jette kommunikerer med alfer og andre lysvæsner. Det er utroligt at hun har denne kontakt og jeg er rigtig glad for at have mødt Jette og modtaget healing fra hende. Jeg føler at jeg har fået et energiløft og at jeg ser alting mere klart. Ser mere med hjertet måske. Jeg ønsker at bruge den gode energi på at få gang i en forfatterdrøm jeg længe har haft. Jeg ønsker at dele det lys jeg oplever med andre gennem det jeg skriver og at hjertevejen træder frem i mine tekster til glæde for andre. Jeg kan varmt anbefale Jette...

Mit hjerte er begyndt at lyse op indeni
med en brændende følelse af kold energi
jeg forstår ikke helt hvad det er der sker
men jeg ved det er noget jeg ønsker mer og mer
det handler slet ikke om forelskelse eller begær
ej heller om at føle kærlighed til en jeg har kær

Det er noget som er meget dybere og tidløst
som min sjæls længsel efter at blive forløst
og komme i kontakt med universets kærlighed
den evige kilde af fred og lys der blir ved og ved
hvilken kæmpe ære at føle lysets energi indeni
det gør mig fredfyldt, tilfreds og lykkelig

Hvordan fik jeg så åbnet op for denne energi?
på den smukkeste måde jeg virkelig kan li
jeg fik en reconnection i 333 og 444
det åbnede mit hjerte og fik energien til at spire
jeg så lysvæsner og alfer i drømme være tæt på mig
og jeg føler mig bekræftet i at gå den oplyste vej

Eline Klint Elton

Bonjour Jette,

You send me an angel when I told you about Josée's husband.
You can't believe this.The doctor make a BIG BIG BIG mistake.
No cancer a all.
I am sure your angel make something good for Guy my grand- son
I know now why you crossed my road.


I love you so much.

Have a nice summer Jette.

Nicole xxxxxxxxxxx

Spirit has always told me that Angels are an embodiment of PURE LOVE... seeking to assist and support the journeys of humanity. That certainly holds true with Jette!! I feel safe, whole, and complete in her presence!!

Of course I am aware that Jette is as human as you or I. But... I am also aware that there is a divine trust and knowing in Jette that allows her to fully embody PURE LOVE as she facilitates deep and profound healing sessions to support each individual soul.

I was blessed by one of these healing sessions yesterday... and I feel quite empowered and transformed today!!

As I laid open and receptive on a healing table... Jette maneuvered around my body with purpose and power. Each motion, each touch, each spoken (and unspoken) word was deeeeeeper and more energized than I can possibly describe. She is certainly a channel for DIVINE LIGHT upon this earth!!

And in harmony with the guardians and guides who supported our journey... she was able to bring great FREEDOM to my beautiful spirit!!

I feel as though I found a precious part of my SELF... and am now able to see clearly!!! What a great and profound G I F T that is!!

I can talk endlessly of all I personally experienced... but I'm sure that it is unique for each soul. Jette works energetically to clear all un-serving energy... and awaken all vibrant aspects of your being!! It's all quite beyond words.

But I do encourage each of you to contact her if you are interested in knowing more. She currently travels the world facilitating this healing work... as she is guided. And her long distance healing sessions have supported many.

I truly believe that she is a clear, pristine, and treasured conduit for DIVINE ENERGY to support this earth. Thank YOU Jette!! I Love You!!

Alania Starhawk

Villerslev d. 16/12-2014

I sommeren 2014 havde jeg den store fornøjelse at møde Jette for første gang og havde inden hørt lidt om hendes evner som healer.
Jeg tænkte dog ikke på at spørge om behandling på det tidspunkt, men havde allerede min kone som har en kronisk sygdom i tankerne og en nabo der havde fået konstateret kræft for anden gang.
Så i efteråret fik jeg problemer med at sove om natten og da det blev værre og værre ringede jeg til Jette for at høre om hun kunne hjælpe mig.
Det var hun helt sikker på hun kunne, så jeg tog til Sjælland for at få en behandling.
Da vi kom i gang med behandlingen viste det sig hurtigt, at alle de andre skavanker som man får med tiden og igennem sit arbejde, kunne Jette også skille mig af med.
Så pludselig havde Jette behandlet mig for søvnløshed, spændinger i nakken, ondt i ryggen, ondt i lænden, ondt i knæene, mavesyre og susen for ørene og det var en fuldstændig fantastisk og samtidig uforglemmelig oplevelse.
Der en ingen tvivl om at Jette har nogle fuldstændig fantastiske evner og jeg vil til hver en tid anbefale Jette til alle som jeg kender.

Tusind tak Jette for din store hjælp.

De kærligste hilsner

Palle Sennels Andersen
Selvstændig erhvervsdrivende og musiker

Hi Jette
Well, let me start
We are actually living in Dubai right now, we were just happened to be on vacation to North Carolina for New Years when for about a week one of my daughters started to have a rush all over her body and we don't know what it was. 2 days before New Years I went to the net and start looking for a homeopathic doctor for her when suddenly I found Jette's telephone number I contacted her and we make an appointment for next day.
We didn't know anything about her so we were full of hope and something inside me told me that she was the one.
Since we arrived there we felt at ease and the way she explained everything we felt really identified.
She treated my daughter and 2 days later everything was gone and hasn't come back.
After that I also went because I felt the necessity to do it also took my mother in law.
I felt so relaxed and in peace same with my mother in law.
You could notice the difference before and after in her eyes and face
I'm still working on my right leg and I've contacted Jette a couple of times but still working on it.
Is like she said, nothing occurs by coincidence, it was all planned to be like that.
We're very grateful that we met Jette. God bless you and Thank you for all your help and support.
She has opened us many doors
See you some day in Dubai

Capt Hasso Hammerle

(pdf file)


Kære Jette

Jeg kom til Jette pga kroniske smerter i venstre knæ samt eksem/psoriasis. Begge dele noget jeg har døjet med i mange år. Jeg har været til læger, hudlæge, fysioterapeuter, hudlæge igen osv. Jeg har også fået enkelte healingbehandlinger. Der er dog ikke kommet resultat ud af det.
Den første gang efter jeg havde været hos Jette, var jeg ude på en løbetur. En kort tur, men løbetur var det. Og for første gang i mange år mærkede jeg intet til knæet.
Oplevelserne hos Jette var ret intense. Jeg så og fornemmede det guddommelige lys, som strålede ud fra hendes hænder. Jeg mærkede, hvordan 1000 sjæle forlod min krop. Jeg følte mig lige pludselig meget lettere. Jeg fornemmede, hvordan min hals lige pludselig følte sig større. Jeg mærkede fysisk med mine hænder, at mine nakke havde forandret sig. Jeg fornemmede også, der var andre eller noget andet, noget større, i rummet, da seancen var i gang.
Min krop rystede og dirrede efter første seance; så meget at jeg havde svært ved at få ordene ud. Da jeg kom hjem til min kæreste, smilede han varmt til mig og spurgte, hvad der var sket. Jeg så anderledes ud. Og jeg følte mig anderledes. Farverne var anderledes, lyset var anderledes, duftene omkring mig var anderledes.
Jeg gav slip. Jeg gav slip på kontrol og frygten for hvad der vil ske, hvis jeg gav slip. For hvad er livet, hvis man skal gå rundt og frygte?
Mine gener er ikke helt væk, men de er på vej væk. De er hjulpet på vej, og det er nu op til mig at hjælpe dem videre. Væk fra min krop.
Jette får mine varmeste anbefalinger og hilsner, og jeg håber vores veje vil mødes igen. Hvem vil sige nej til et møde med en engel?
Tak Jette, fordi du viste mig vejen til at acceptere at være anderledes:-). Og nu vil jeg gå ind og trække mit englekort og se, hvad beskeden til mig er i dag.



Kære Jette

Tak for 2 fantastiske sessioner under dit sidste besøg i Danmark.
Først blev jeg mødt at den smukkeste engel da du åbnede døren. Har reflekteret lidt over det, og tror aldrig jeg har mødt en menneske/engel med så meget god energi og udstråling. Blev meget overvældet af det.
Det var en rigtig behagelig oplevelse, at dele om hvorfor jeg er hos dig og høre noget om din baggrund. Følte mig hurtigt tryg. Havde en masse kropslige reaktioner undervejs i healingen. Jeg kan jo ikke rigtig sætte ord på, men du ved jo nok hvad det var der skete undervejs.

Som jeg sagde til dig havde jeg også den dejlige oplevelse at fornemme, mærke og kunne visualisere lys af de engle der healede samtidig med dig. Dette var også en meget stor og overvældende oplevelse. Det jeg ikke fik sagt til dig var at jeg ligesom oplevede at den ene engel lagde sig ind over mig, eller svøbte mig i sine vinger. Dette gav mig en dyb følelse af tryghed og følelsen af at være passet på. Hvilken er en tilbage vendende længsel i mit liv.

Det var ligeså fantastisk at visualisere mit lille "hellige" sted ved vandfaldet, samt connecte med englene under den instrumentale musik/meditation. Har ikke haft så stærk en oplevelse af nærværet af engle før, som i dag. Da jeg gik fra dig følte jeg mig helt fri og let i kroppen.

Jeg har siden besøgende hos dig haft de skønneste oplevelser af at være passet på. Tak at du åbnede op for en helt ny verden af muligheder for healing på helt andre planer. Processen fortsætter! TAK.

Jeg glæder mig allerede til dit næste besøg i Danmark.

Kærligt Dan Hagemann

Dear Jette,
I really appreciate your work and how you helped me. Two days later, it was like there was a healing again. I would like to visit you on your mountain this summer.

I wanted to share how I saw what happened at your session with the selenite.

The selenite is building itself high into the universe with large pieces of selenite going up endlessly in the perfect form. Then, it overflows with energy like a fountain of energy that is like comets falling on us and the earth igniting a spark within us and the earth of healing, nurturing, clearing and love energy.

The strips of light come down weaving themselves in a pulsing cocoon around me with transformative love, opening new things in me and the earth. My message: You are part of the grid. You are forever a part of the selenite grid which you just saw built. You are one with it, one with everything!

Two days later: I just saw the selenite grid connect to the vortex energies where I am and build another structure up into the universe, to the center of the earth bringing joy, peace, hope and displacing everything that is not joy, love, peace and hope. It will keep spreading and transforming across the earth, transmuting all!

I look forward to seeing you again and have gratitude for having met you.

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